Bronze Age Mindset

Bronze Age Pervert

Language: English


This strange and wonderful book is the best thing I have read in many years. In essence it is a criticism of modernity and blueprint for revival, both diagmosis and prescription of a kind that will resonate with those familiar with Nietzsche, Evola and modern thinkers like Jack Donovan and Paul Waggener.

But Bronze Age Mindset is unique in both content and approach, both deep and wide-ranging and expressed in a kind of pidgin English which some have objected to as requiring an editorial hand. This misses the point. The style is obviously an affectation which positions the author as a sort of savant, whose barbed wisdom shines through because of his (feigned) imprecision with English grammar, unencumbered by convention in use of indefinite articles and stylistic insincerity, both.

This book is truly wise, conceptually profound and also very, very funny.