Handbook of Hate Memes

European Observatory of Online Hate (EOOH)

Language: English


The Handbook of Hate Memes is a booklet created in mid-2022 by the European Observatory of Online Hate (EOOH), and funded by the European Union, that consists of over 100 pages devoted to the education of what hateful memes exist online, breaking down their meaning and usage with various examples. Though it was originally intended to be an educational resource for agencies and students to learn about extremist memes, the guidebook was largely met with backlash and mocked online upon release, as well as becoming the subject of memes itself.

The Handbook's accidental mischaracterization of memes and relevant terminologies is hilarious, but it is a gross mischaracterization. This is not an accurate account of the culture it attempts to examine, so do not use this as a facual reference. Instead, it serves to display how oblivious our enemies are to the true nature of our ideas and cultures.