How the Jews Betrayed Mankind: Volume 1, Sumerian Swindle


Book 1 of How the Jews Betrayed Mankind

Language: English


There are many books that purport to be a history of banking and the Jews, but no other book has ever successfully discovered both the true origin of money lending and proven its fraudulent nature as well as the criminal nature of the bankers, themselves. All bankers are crooks and traitors.

The Sumerian Swindle gives the history of banking and money lending beginning when civilization began. The plague of modern bankers who swindle the wealth of entire nations and cause unending warfare, is rooted in a certain secret history never before written.

Beginning in 3500 BC in what is known as modern day Iraq, is the history of the world's Oldest Organized Criminal Conspiracy. It is in that ancient time and place where all of the modern bank frauds, financial scandals and national debts now being inflicted on the modern world by the bankers and the Jews, had its nefarious start.

In this first Volume, you will find the "21 Secret Frauds" that are being used to swindle you out of your house, your savings and your nation by these international criminal Jews. These methods were invented in ancient Sumeria and have been a carefully guarded secret for the past five millennia. You will understand why all business is based upon fraud. And why the merchants and moneylenders, the bankers, politicians and Jews in all societies are the Treasonous Class.

Do you want to solve the problems of the world? Do you want to solve your own financial and political problems? Do you want to solve the problems of your race and of your country? First, you must know the causes of these problems. Only then, can you solve the problems of the world, your people and your country. The Sumerian Swindle contains the ancient secrets that have allowed the Jews to betray all of Mankind and to profit from such treason.

In this book, are found the causes of the problems that have plagued Mankind since the first moneylender loaned two baskets of grain and demanded three in return. Banking and money lending are herein proven to be crimes against Mankind. All bankers are crooks. They get your money for free and then charge you interest on a loan.