The Revolt of the Unique and Toward the Creative Nothing

Renzo Novatore

Language: English

Published: Jan 15, 2021


The harsh, anti-establishment anarchism of the unrepentant and uncompromising poet and philosopher is here proclaimed in his own inimitable, mystic style. Renzo Novatore was a writer and rebel in fascist Italy. Born on a farm, his early, rebellious nature lead him to study the works of Stirner and Nietzsche. Taken with the philosophy of anarchism, he fought many battles against Mussolini's Blackshirts, once even holding them at bay with grenades. His short, brutal life was marked by a busy, intellectual restlessness, and brilliant, poetic prose, dedicated to the liberation of man and the spirit of egoist individualism. Killed in a gun battle with the Italian military police in 1922, he will forever be remembered as a tireless champion against oppression and for the cause of human liberation. Published by Zem Books.