The Communist Party - A Manual on Organization

J. Peters

Language: English


Reprint of a 1930s communist pamphlet. Comprehensive information about the Party's structure and interesting discussion on "criticism and factionalism". The Communist Party: Manual on Organization, by J. Peters, 1935. A very good summary of the basics of Marxism-Leninism. Has a biography of J. Peters as well. Full of valuable timely information. This organizational Manual fills a long-felt need. It will be welcomed by many thousands of active Party members who have looked forward to its publication for a long time. Much of the material used by Comrade Peters as the basis for this Manual was, it is true, available, but it is scattered in many documents over a period of years. Much of the material was of late available, as for example, the famous and thorough going resolutions and decisions on the question of organization adopted by the Second Organizational Conference of the Communist International, which was printed in the Inprecorr some years ago